Ladies and Gentleman Start Your Engines!

As we look to the 20-21 season a few ideas that I know you are all already thinking about with great creativity and passion!

With the unusual situation that the COVID pandemic has brought to all of us, there is always a yin and a yang (negative and positives).

The positive is the landscape of more time. It allows all of us to take a step back and look at how we can take advantage of an even more focus on skill development through some out of the box thinking and the fun factor.

The negative might be the managing groups, logistics, COVID coordination, COVID coordinators, communication, contact tracing, etc.. We can look at best practices and take advantage of USSS, NSAA, NYS,SANY for insight and guidelines to tackle these areas. and we will!

That said, I would encourage all to think about effective games and warm up that focus on movement modalities before even thinking about loading the lift.

Put On Your Calendar!

2020 Club Excellence Banner

Join us for our 4-part Club Excellence Fall Summit Webinar Series in partnership with United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee - Every Wednesday in October 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM MDT

Each session aims to spark insights in the topics foundational principles by increasing awareness, providing practical examples from the Ski and Snowboard Community, and engaging in reflective exercises based on your level of coaching expertise. These sessions are designed to build upon one another, keeping you focused on what's most important: coaching. This Fall Summit includes five sections of participant engagement for each webinar: Pre-Work60 Minute PresentationPanel Discussion, Post-Work, and Survey.