2020-2021 Season

Coaches education will be updated shortly on the site. We will be delivering level 100 USSS Certification events as well as NYSSRA project based education opportunities. These will be delivered regionally by Mergs and Coaches Committee Staff to comply with COVID responsibilities for travel and exposure. USSS will also be regrouping for a series of virtual Coaches Education in January.

Coaches education is paramount for the development, success, and health of alpine ski racing in our state. Our philosophy of 'Athletes First' is a cornerstone of everything we do. Continued education in all areas of this sport has to be on everyones plate. Opportunities can be found on the US Ski and Snowboarding website under education and certification along with updated information on technique, tactics, conditioning, nutrition, and mental  skills. Within the NYSSRA organization we will offer scheduled clinics, both on and off snow, weeknight athlete projects combined with project based coaches education, and event project based coaches education. 

This site will also move forward providing video, training ideas, and documents that will cover updates and share new concepts.

Challenge of the Week (challenge replacing the word drills)- NYSSRA will add a 'Challenge of the Week' when snow hits the ground this season. These will come from the Alpine Sports Director and Coaches from around the State. 

This portal will be a living document and will have information added continually. National, Regional, and State contributions are the source for this information.

Early Season focus: (Quiver of ideas)

Stance and adaptation

Goal: Develop Proper flexion-extension movements while maintaining parallel skis and dynamic balance.

-Dynamic Stance


-Traversing (on uphill ski/DH ski, flex and extension, match hill, etc)

-Skating drills (forward and backward, with and W/O poles)

-Side slipping with edging movements

-Pivot slips


-Dynamic garlands

-Parallel turns (With and W/O poles, hands on hips, hands crossed on chest)

-Single ski skiing (with and W/O poles)

-Obstacle course environments

-Wedge turn progression

-Wedge hops

-Outside ski turns

-White pass turns

-Javelin turns


Pole usage

Goal: Develop proper pole planting mechanics and timing






Goal: Develop proper edging, re-centering and transitional movements while maintaining dynamic balance.

-Corridor Drill

-Edging brush/gate drill

-Angulation progressions

-Patience turns

-Apex drill


Goal: develop touch and basic gliding skills

-Straight glide

-Glide turns

Jumping and terrain

Goal: Develop dynamic jumping and terrain adaptation skills

-Pole hoppers

-Wave track (w/pole on apex)

-Wavers/ turns in wave track

-Phantom jump

-Jump press

-SL/GS in wave track or rollers

Athlete Development Principles

-Kids participate for FUN, enjoyment outdoors, and competition

-Athlete development is to create great skiers first, then great racers.The greater the development of fundamentals for the foundation of sport, the more successful the athlete will be, both in competition, and complete skiers for life!

-Set ground rules

-Develop team spirit and respect for individual/s

- Have a Plan !!

-Be organized yourself

-Athlete centered

-Provide for a safe environment

-Strive for excellence


Fun(damental quote)


“My training comes down to basics. I ski slowly and work on a couple of basic movement patterns, which I’ve been working on since I was 10 years old, trying to perfect them. There is just a few triggers I work on to help me out. And as I evolve, those triggers change a little bit. But it comes down to the basics-having a great foundation and from there just letting the personality of your own skiing come out!”


Erik Schlopy



There is no nutritional for this age group.


There are no standings for this age group.


There is no conditioning for this age group.

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