Carving Arc Stall

NYSEF/ Gore race day


On a groomed intermediate slope, skis point down hill athlete takes off and arcs turn to completely face uphill till skis stall, as gravity takes over athlete starts to move backwards and then arcs out backwards across hill.

This challenge has dynamic balance, edging, pressure, and weight transfer blended in a progressive movement pattern. This challenge needs some room on crossing slope, so timing and awareness is a high priority.



GS or SL skis (easier to start on SL skis)

Look for:

CoM- balanced  athletic position 

Feet hip width apart

Lateral rolling of ankles and knees to create edge angles

Weight mostly on outside ski while carving turn to uphill stall

Creating and managing pressure through flexion and extension of ankles, knees, and hips

At stalled moment transfer of weight, and edging progressively increases to new carving ski as athlete starts moving backwards returning to a traverse.

Look for clean arcs and smooth transition in all movement patterns


Up the ante:

Link a series of stalls together combining backward and forward stalls

Slope pitch

Shape and speed of turns


No poles, various hand and arm positions 

1 ski 

1ski no poles



Will try to get this filmed in next few weeks and post on NYSRA YouTube site.