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Notes From the Program Director

2 Apr 2020

Dear Membership,

As I write this we are all faced with an announcement of another 30 days of social distancing through the end of April.

While I know some of our members have been directly affected by COVID -19 I hope the majority of you are healthy and finding productive ways to enjoy the new environment in which we find ourselves.   Ski racers, coaches and families are an adaptable group, be it weather, snow conditions or equipment our mental toughness will get us through this.

Your Board of Directors have also been busy adapting to the new environment we find ourselves in without an Executive Director at this time as well as shifting our Annual Meeting scheduled for May 2nd to a virtual meeting. The development committees (u16/19 and Youth Committee) have also moved to a series of virtual meetings reviewing the success of the past year and looking to improve on things going forward.  They will be presenting their reports at the annual meeting.

With all this upon us and the Board working well together to pick up any slack we have discussed the nominations process in length. The Board is up for nominations this year with many moving off the Board and others up for re-election. Maren Hosmer, as past president, is charged with presenting a slate to the members and has been busy with those efforts however after much discussion it has become apparent to best guide the organization through these times that the Board would like to remain in place as it exists and is proposing to extend everyone’s term for one more year. This will provide continuity in the hiring of our new staff replacement (see the upcoming job posting on the NYSSRA website soon) while giving time to bring everyone up to speed.

Given the above discussion our NYSSRA by-laws still require the nominating chairperson to seek nominations for open positions 30 days prior to the annual meeting.   We will therefore let this message serve as such notice and should anyone have any nominations for the positions of Vice President,Treasurer, and Secretary, that they forward them to Maren Hosmer at [email protected]

Thank you for your time and if possible please keep the afternoon of May 2nd open if you are interested in attending the annual meeting. Further details will be released soon.


J. Bradley Rauch

President – NYSSRA Board of Directors

Administrative Director: Full/Part Time

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions and pre-emptive messures coming down from Federal, State, and Local government. The NYSSRA Board has decided that all NYSSRA local and regional competition, projects, and camps are cancelled for the rest of the season. This parallels the decision from United States Ski and Snowboard.

This is an unfortunate situation, but necessary within the extreme nature of this virus. NYSSRA is wishing all a healthy journey through this event, we are looking forward to getting back to training and projects as soon as a responsible window returns.

Thank you all for a great season to date, and wish all a healthy spring and summer!


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