U14 Coaches Forum 3/11/22 at Holimont



NYSSRA U14 Coaches Forum-The Children's Committee will be holding an open coaches forum after race on Friday

March 11, at the Holimont U14 State Championships. This is planned to be held in the Holimont Training Center, if this changes 

an update will be given at the TCM. Ed Gudlauski (Chair) and present Childrens Committee members

will present an agenda at that time for discussion and additionally allocate time for perspectives from

group at large. Please make time to attend this meeting, it is important to get the views from coaches in this

age group to bring to the Children’s Committee for spring planning.


Any COVID changes in compliance to attend will be announced at the TCM on Thursday evening March 10.

But at this point proof of vaccination and mask indoors will be required