Season Update February *see new races listed on U16+ page under NEWS

NYSSRA Staff, BOD, and all Committees have been working tirelessly to adapt and create a responsible, feasible, development and competition schedule for New York State during the 2020-2021 season. The challenges that NYSSRA and all programs have embraced this year within the COVID environment shows the adaptability, tenacity, and leadership that identifies the strength that we have together to not only survive but thrive under adversity.

NYSSRA has held back rewriting the NYSSRA Competition manual for many reasons this season, some, obviously due to COVID, and others as we revisit all aspects moving into the future. Taking this into account we would like to update you on some areas that we will move towards in the remainder of the 2021 season.

NYSSRA has been scheduling and rescheduling events almost weekly. We know at times how frustrating for planning this is, but has been unavoidable due to the COVID landscape in which we find ourselves. NYSSRA has consistently pushed ahead to keep a schedule that is responsible and effective to keep our young athletes and programs focused and healthy.

Holiday Weekend

Wishing our NYSSRA Membership a very Sweet Valentine's Day Weekend...and a safe and healthy President's week ahead. Get out and ski this week - the snow is great and weather is looking fantastic. We have a busy weekend around the  state: Labrador is hosting a U16+ Slalom tomorrow for Central region athletes, and both Togg and Buffalo Ski Club will host U12 events on Sunday. It's a great training weekend for many so focus, enjoy the snow, and prep for those upcoming spring races! Send us your photos: [email protected]!

Alicia Farone

Administrative Director

Panel SL equipment/ January update


 The 20-21 season has started with an organized and successful block of solid training and a few race events: Brantling (Flight camp and U14/12 Dual Panel SL), Hoilmont (2 SL races U16/19), and Whiteface (2 races SL U16/19). 

Mountain Council and RVW will have their first series of races (panel SL) this Sunday, January 24th. In the western part of the state, Niagara U14s have 2 GS races at Holiday Valley and 2 Panel SL at Holimont this weekend.

 The Development Committee asks that you take into account the requirements for U14 Panel SL equipment for athletes. Below, please find the criteria they have agreed to support and will require moving forward:

  • No chin guards
  • No shin guards
  • Pole guards with closed shield OK, cup style/open top not connected pole top- no go
  • Arm guards accepted but not recommended
  • Mouth guard recommended
  • Panel Gates  72” 27 mm FIS panel

 Ski fast, laugh much!


NYSSRA Newsletter/ Membership Update

The NYSSRA Staff and Board of Directors wish all a safe and great New Year!

NYSSRA has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to address many changes within NYSSRA as an organization, while we simultaneously adapt to the COVID virus that has affected everyone in so many different areas.

Items that have been on the agenda:

  • Reorganization with staff
  • New Website
  • Scheduling
  • Athlete projects
  • Coaches Education
  • COVID protocols
  • Awards and Teams

NYSSRA has changed the organizational structure to two positions: Alpine Sports Director and Administrative Director. These two positions have quite a bit of overlap with the addition of specific tasks in their area of expertise.

Stephen Mergenthaler- Alpine Sports Director

Alicia Farone- Administrative Director

2021 race season begins

As we kickoff our 2021 race season please keep in mind changes are sometimes happening quickly due to weather and health restrictions. Check our website often and thoroughly read all emails from NYSSRA or Adminskiracing. 

(special note: U16 Mountain - race will be this weekend at Whiteface, changed to SL, Women Saturday 1/9, Men 1/10.  *West: 1/10 Holiday Valley race has been moved to Holimont)

***ALSO, if you are a parent/ spectator intending to watch a race please check the host mountains spectator policy. You may need to purchase a ticket and/ or spectators may be limited. 

Happy New Year and have fun skiing!! 


Join us Wednesday 12/30 for a Membership Update via Zoom


Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84019365212?pwd=NFJudDVNeTJHMFFENFFzNmZOeFYxQT09

passcode: 509760



Please join us for an online meeting to talk about what's upcoming this season with NYSSRA. Programs have started throughout the state and the snow conditions continue to get better. Racing will start in just a few weeks so if you have questions JOIN US! We'll try to answer questions and talk about long-term athlete development as well.

Start is 7:00pm!    *text 518-545-8221 if you have trouble with the link

Brantling Flight Camp 12/19/20

Brantling held its annual December Flight Camp for U12 and U14 GVSC young athletes. Brantling has a long history of great early season events, as well as a breeding ground for many successful athletes. From NCAA National Champions to World Cup Champions Brantling is steeped in our development history. Early season races on none COVID years are the blast off for many of our U16/19 and college athletes. This Year these opportunities are delayed with the tough environment COVID has dealt. That said, Brantling pulled out the stops and made enough snow in the window they had to hold a development day for GVSC young athletes. 

The process for keeping within the parameters of USSS and NYS COVID guidance at first seemed arduous, but with some cyber help an experienced Program Director and a great RA Brantling made this happen providing a great experience for GVSC young athletes.