Racer Support Policy

Reminder: All racer support requests are due by April 15th. Please submit to [email protected]. Details/Policy are outlined below.

 2023 -2024 NYSSRA Racer Support Policy            

Funds approved by the Board ($10,000) will be disbursed as follows:

  • NYSSRA Alpine Elite team: Up to $500 for each team member for expenses of which a maximum of $250 can be used for out-of-state expenses.
  • Female and Male entry fee reimbursement for top NYSSRA (no pass down) qualifier for:  
    • Top U18 to FIS Eastern Cup Finals 
    • U18 Eastern Finals via Sports Page Empire Cup points
    • U16 Eastern Championships
    • U14 Eastern Championships 
  • U16+ Event hosts may apply for reimbursement of the entry fees (up to $75 /athlete) for up to four (4) male and four (4) female athletes, per event, whose race points are at least 20 points less than the otherwise expected lowest point athletes.  The East and West divisions are limited to 32 reimbursements each, first come-first served.  If a division has unclaimed funds as of February 15th those funds will be released statewide. To secure funding, requests, including the event and the number of athletes, should be sent to the Administrative Director prior to the event for approval.
  • Reimbursement of expenses of U14 and U16 Eastern Championship podium winners and U14+ athletes competing in National or International Championship events (not including Can-Am) as determined by the Racer Support Committee.
  • Reimbursement of one developing, Level 100+ coach, per Council, fee for Fall Coach’s Education Clinic.
  • Up to $600 toward prior approved expenses of a coach attending a USSS National coach’s education event.

The athlete/parent/coach must submit a request to the Administrative Director including the event and proof of payment for all claimed reimbursement by April 15, 2024.  Requests will be reviewed and approved by the Racer Support Committee.


Racer Support Policy 2023-2024

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