U16 and older

Warm Up

Forward/backward leg swings 10 R/L

Inward/Outward leg swings 10 R/L

Knee hugs 10 R/L

Ankle cradles 10 R/L

Toe Touches 10 R/L

Forward Hip internal rotation 10 R/L

Backward Hip external rotation 10 R/L

Lunge twist to lead leg 10 R/L

Lateral Lunge 10 R/L

Mini band side/side walk 10 R/L

Mini band forward/backward 10 R/L

Mini band forward/backward low walk (monster walk) 10 R/L

Skipping 10 R/L

Carioca 10 R/L

Jackknife crawls 6x (push up position, walk feet up to hands, walk hands out to new position, repeat)

Spiderman Crawls 20x

Key Concepts

Upper body facing downhill- The upper body is the pelvis and above. The lower body is the legs below the pelvis. While your lower body will be following the direction of the turn, your upper body will be facing mainly downhill. 

Equal ankle flexion- Both ankles are at the same level of flexion throughout the turn.

Turn connection/transition- The moment in time when the turn is not a left or right turn. Skis are basically flat against the snow. Sometimes called transition.

Inclination- At the start of the turn when the body is moving forward and into the new turn and has not yet formed any angles.

Angulation- The body is no longer straight but forming angles with the goal of tipping the skis up on edge.

Long leg / Short leg- As the turn develops, the outside leg extends and the inside leg and hip flex.


Goals define what you want to achieve and give you the motivation to say focused and disciplined

Process vs Outcome- An outcome goal is identifying what you want to accomplish. A process goal is breaking down the steps and efforts you need to get there! Both are important in this journey. .

An outcome goal is a great motivational force. The more crystal clear it is what you want to achieve, the more likely you are to achieve it. An outcome gaol could to be to move up a few places every race, placement in State championships, placement in regional championships, making the US Ski Team.

While outcomes are important, process goals are even more important. A process goal is what you need to be working on consistently in order to achieve you outcome. This could be long leg/Short leg, better starts. Maybe it's better gliding skills, where to tuck and turn. The process focuses on what you need to work on to get better.

U16+ spring schedule

NYSSRA U16+ Members,

Earlier this week our Alpine Sports Director (Steve Mergenthaler) sent out a February update giving a general outline of what our spring schedule will look like.

Building on that information, below is more detail on the upcoming races for the next month; more races in Central and West will be added in the near future. All dates and locations are tentative for U16/19 age group:

February 27 Central & West: U16/19 Hunt Hollow 2GS W

February 28 Central & West: U16/19 Hunt Hollow 2GS M


March 6  East: U16/19 Series GSx2 Gore W

March 7  East: U16/19 Series GSx2 Gore M


March 13 East: U16/19 Series Belleayre

March 14 East: U16/19 Series Belleayre


March 19 East: U16/19 Gore GS M / WM Dual W

March 20 East: U16/19 Gore SL M / WM GS W

March 21 East: U16/19 Gore SL W / WM Dual M


March 20 West: U16/19  Spring 2GS Holimont

March 21 West: U16/19  Spring 2SL  Holimont


March 27 East: U16/19  Spring 2SL Whiteface M

March 28 East: U16/19   Spring 2SL Whiteface W