U16 and older

(1/18/21) - Lift Tower Traverse

Challenge -​ What kid doesn’t like to hit the lip next to a lift tower? Use it to your advantage by challenging your athletes to maintain balance in motion and to learn how to use pressure to carve the ski.

Equipment -​ Skis-Boots-Poles

Terrain - ​Any jump will do i.e. lip next to a lift tower, terrain park jump, snow making roller, etc.

Safety Set Up - Like any cross-hill drill, be mindful of uphill traffic to avoid collisions. Choose a quiet time of day, ensure there is good visibility, and perhaps designate a spotter who alerts athletes for when it is safe to go.

Execution -​ Skier hits jump and must land on two edges, carving the skis in a traverse that brings them up hill following the arc of their ski.

Cues – Bust your buckles, drive through your boots, or any cue that helps athletes maintain ankle flexion/drive COM forward.