HoliMont Snowsports

Tricia Mangan

The art of ski racing runs deep in HoliMont’s blood.  What started as a low-key organization back in 1967 has evolved over the years into one of the strongest racing programs in New York State.  HoliMont Snowsports is made up of athletes of all ages and disciplines.  HoliMont Snowsports consists of Programs from Learn to Ski/Ride through life long enjoyment of Winter Sports.

Ever since its inception HoliMont Ski Area has prided itself on being a club that places a priority on the family unit with a focus on economical, skiing/snowboarding for all its members and guests.  With the support of HoliMont Ski Area we strive to provide a platform from which each and every athlete can learn, grow, and become successful while reaching for personal goals in Snowsports competition.  Anyone who has been actively involved in Snowsports Competition knows all too well that it is an expensive, time-consuming lifestyle.  One of the great things about HoliMont Snowsports is that it gives its athletes a structured training program that is run by a dedicated, highly trained racing staff; many of whom have roots in HoliMont Snowsports themelves.

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Travis Widger
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6921 Route 242
PO Box 279
Ellicottville, NY 14731