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The U16/19 Development Committee is working hard at keeping travel to a min. and the focus on development center stage. The COVID environment has created a landscape that will have all experiencing adaptation and perseverance at a new level, something I think we all agree alpine athletes are well versed in. It will be important to follow email blasts and the website for updates that will more than likely be the norm. These updates will be covering schedule modification, event changes, and a variety local projects and coaches education. The effort is to keep athletes within a reasonable day trip radius for events until things with this virus change. 

U16+ athletes are still working on skill and tactical development, but now are full throttle on competition and competing. These athletes are ranked within the US Ski and Snowboarding system of National points. Athlete results at each event are calculated and ranked for each disicpline and provide ranking for race starts, and access/ invitation to projects and events.

Athletes in this age group will have an opportunity to race in FIS (Federation International Ski) series races. This is the level where results within a FIS point system gauge athletes internationally. Program Directors and Head Coaches can give you more information on this within your clubs.

At this age, athlete management from home programs is paramount! The balance of training to racing becomes a key to continue athlete development and success.

A link (Alpine Training System) is posted on the 'Youth Development' tab. Please take time to look at this; it will help with the understanding of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).



From the Head of School, Michael Maher: 

Dear Alpine Students and Families,

I am writing to you…

NYSSRA Elite Team Announcement


On a groomed moderate slope, in a balanced athletic position with hands firmly…

Challenge - Wedge Hops

Equipment - Any ski, Boots, Ski poles

Racer Spotlight

This is an example of a racer spotlight! Soon, randomly selected NYSSRA racers will get their photo and bio…


There are no standings for this age group.