Bid Process and Update


Dear NYSSRA Members,

As we gear up for another exciting ski racing season, it's important to understand the process behind the selection of venues for our events. NYSSRA follows a structured bid process to ensure fairness and thoroughness in choosing the best locations for our races.


Here's a brief overview of the NYSSRA Bid Process:

  1. Draft Schedule Development (May): NYSSRA (Committees, Staff and BOD) develops a draft schedule for the coming season.
  2. Notification and Bid Invitation (May/June): Program directors/clubs are invited to bid for hosting events, with details on submission process, deadlines, and criteria.
  3. Bid Submission (June): Resorts and clubs interested in hosting events submit bids online, including pricing and event details.  
  4. Bid Review/selection(July):
    1. Development Committee Review (July): The Development Committee reviews bids for U16/18 events, considering venue, location, cost, and historical information.
    2. Children's Committee Review (July): The Children's Committee reviews bids for U14 events and U12/10 End of Season Events, with similar considerations.
  5. Coaches Committee and BOD Review (August): The Coaches Committee reviews venue site suggestions, ratified by the Board of Directors.
    1. Hosts notified of initial selection pending confirmation of Venue Host Agreement
  6. Adjustment Review (Throughout the Year): Any schedule adjustments are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
    1. Secondary Bid Opening (As Needed): Events may go back to bid if necessary. (i.e. No alternate host or inappropriate alternate.)

This process ensures fairness and aligns with our mission to provide a platform for all athletes to learn, grow, and succeed in New York State Ski Racing. Thank you for your continued support and involvement in NYSSRA.

Best regards,

NYSSRA BOD and Committees