U12 and younger

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Happy Spring Everyone,

Congratulations to all the athletes who raced in the spring series and projects the past few weekends and a huge thank you to the many coaches, parents, officials, and volunteers who make our races possible. Again, we could not have done it without you. We hope that everyone is loving the longer days and warmer temperatures.  There is still a lot of great skiing to be done, and for that reason HoliMont is hosting the 2nd Annual Parallel Proceeds of Spring, a Parallel Racing Event, April 11, 2021 open to all programs. 

(3/17/2021) Hands on Hips


On a groomed moderate slope, in a balanced athletic position with hands firmly placed on hips with fingers forward and thumbs back, link carved medium radius turns while maintaining constant stance width and matched skis (fore/aft and parallel). Use ankles and knees to roll skis and pressure skis.

Hands on hips helps the athlete match their skis, while staying on the outside ski and building pressure. It is a kinesthetic exercise that allows the athlete to feel flexion movements and muscle engagement of the entire leg, further building awareness of CoM positioning. Holding hands on hips impedes the athlete’s ability to utilize their upper body to assist in turn initiation or to maintain dynamic balance. The challenge allows the athlete to feel appropriately “stacked” with their ankles, knees, hips and shoulders alignment, achieving dynamic balance through turn.


GS or SL skis

Look for:

-Wedge Hops

Challenge - Wedge Hops

Equipment - Any ski, Boots, Ski poles

Execution - Groomed and moderate slope. Start in a wedge position. Aggressively increase the inside edge angle of one ski, hopping off the weighted ski onto the inside edge of the new ski. Keep the inside ski off the snow. The upper body should remain facing in the fall-line. The pole plant/touch to coincide with the edge set of each hop for timing and stability.


  • Balanced stance
  • Strong edging movements
  • Pressure control
  • Leg flexion / extension
  • Independent leg action
  • Accurate pole touch usage
  • Disciplined upper body

Look for

  • Balance maintained with hips over the feet
  • Tip and tail come off the snow at the same height or with tip slightly lower
  • Weight is transferred on to an edged ski
  • Maintain carving with no skidding
  • The inside ski should not touch the snow
  • Good pole plant/touch with each hop

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