NYSSRA Newsletter/ Membership Update

The NYSSRA Staff and Board of Directors wish all a safe and great New Year!

NYSSRA has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to address many changes within NYSSRA as an organization, while we simultaneously adapt to the COVID virus that has affected everyone in so many different areas.

Items that have been on the agenda:

  • Reorganization with staff
  • New Website
  • Scheduling
  • Athlete projects
  • Coaches Education
  • COVID protocols
  • Awards and Teams

NYSSRA has changed the organizational structure to two positions: Alpine Sports Director and Administrative Director. These two positions have quite a bit of overlap with the addition of specific tasks in their area of expertise.

Stephen Mergenthaler- Alpine Sports Director

Alicia Farone- Administrative Director

Due to the many changes with Covid, the Board of Directors and Committee Members have stayed on this year to maintain consistency and a sense of continuity during the COVID environment. We appreciate all their hard work.

NYSSRA has been working hard on the launch of our new website. It is still a work in progress as this development continues. Additional features and a larger platform for communication will take center stage as we make progress. Although there have been a few bugs to work out, our staff and IT crew are working through this and refining each week.

Scheduling has been one of the bigger challenges within the COIVID world. We have set up events with COVID guidance protocols from US Ski and Snowboard, New York State,  National Ski Areas Association, and Local and Regional governing bodies. We are required to have COVID policies in place for all scheduled events with a COVID Coordinator for each location. Schedules have now been set up to allow for day trips as much as possible, keeping competitive events closer to home in-Council and Regional travel. An additional challenge this year has been the weather extremes that many areas experienced over the holidays.

That said, you will be able to see intended competition schedules in the next two weeks. All age groups are moving forward with events in your area. At this point, late season events and projects are still on the table and much like our efforts to keep travel to a minimum these races will more than likely be located in-Council and Regional locations to minimize overnights and keep everyone close to home this season.

Athlete projects are now being scheduled with the same in-Council and Regional consciousness in mind. These events are planned for the end of January, and will continue through February and March. Updates and information will come via email and will be posted on our website from the NYSSRA Administrative Director.

Coaches Education is also moving forward with project based experiences, as well as virtual opportunities over the next few months. Our first virtual clinic held in October was a success and we will continue with these as we move into the future.

All Programs and NYSSRA projects are complying with the governing bodies that have set guidelines and so far our clinics, races and projects are working well.

Tying up loose ends on last season: season-end awards were given and hardware or recognition sent out. We are currently working on naming the Elite Team for this year and will have this completed shortly.

NYSSRA has and will keep moving forward with responsible leadership and a reasonable mind set, keeping safety in mind. We want to thank you for your patience and support. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.



Champions don’t show up to get everything they want;

they show up to give everything they have.


Stephen Mergenthaler (Mergs)

NYSSRA Alpine Sports Director


Alicia Farone

NYSSRA Administrative Director