Warm Up



Create A physiological readiness in the heart, skeletal muscles, and connective tissues, raise heart rate and core temperatures.

When the body is warm the muscles are less likely to suffer strain, and the muscular reaction time reduced, which leads to greater performance. Activate your athletes!


  • Rotate arms clockwise then counterclockwise
  • Rotate one arm clockwise and the other counter clockwise
  • Swing legs
  • High knees
  • Hamstring stretch with tail of ski on snow
  • Quad stretch with tip of ski on snow
  • Calf stretch with one boot forward, while stretching the trailing calf
  • Knee circles
  • Side lung with one ski perpendicular and behind the other skis tail
  • Side-to-side leg raises
  • Rotate trunk in horizontal while keeping shoulders and feet in same place
  • Rotate shoulders in horizontal plane while keeping hips and feet in same place
  • Rotate shoulders with ski pole behind back in horizontal plane
  • Rotate head in horizontal plane


  • Easy terrain skiing
  • Short to long turns and long turns to short across hill
  • Side hill garlands to long turns
  • Exaggerate Range of motion
  • Short turns with double pole touch
  • Edge sets (hop turns)
  • Play tag on easy to flat terrain
  • Follow the leader in an easy to flat terrain challenge
  • Ski skate on flat terrain with and without poles
  • Skate to shape flat to moderate terrain

These are some ideas that you can look at. I am sure some have a routine already in place. Bottom line is to always have an effective warm-up!