Carving arc stall


On a groomed intermediate slope, skis point down hill athlete takes off and arcs turn to completely face uphill till skis stall, as gravity takes over athlete starts to move backwards and then arcs out backwards across hill.

This challenge has dynamic balance, edging, pressure, and weight transfer blended in a progressive movement pattern. This challenge needs some room on crossing slope, so timing and awareness is a high priority.



GS or SL skis (easier to start on SL skis)

Look for:

CoM- balanced  athletic position 

Feet hip width apart

Lateral rolling of ankles and knees to create edge angles

Weight mostly on outside ski while carving turn to uphill stall

Creating and managing pressure through flexion and extension of ankles, knees, and hips

At stalled moment transfer of weight, and edging progressively increases to new carving ski as athlete starts moving backwards returning to a traverse.

2/1/22 Skate To Shape

Challenge - Skate to Shape

Equipment - SL or GS skis

Execution - On moderate groomed terrain have athletes start to skate straight down

the hill (fall-line).

COM moves forward and laterally between skis as they skate. As speed  develops the skis will start to react to the side cut. Athletes will start to have shape and go with the flow, as more shape is created the

movement is morphed into a medium radius turn

Feel - - Hips moving forward and laterally between skis with each skate

-Keep ankles and joints flexed

-Fluid motion of skate to skate

-Feel ski sidecut start to react with snow and speed

-Go with the flow and develop shape with ski and motion of skate

-Blend into parallel medium radius turn

Look for - -Extension of leg to skate to a flexed leg to initiate next skate

-100% weight transferred to new ski

NYSSRA Coaches Education Clinic/USSS Level 100 on snow assessment Gore Mountain  November 27-28, 2021

NYSSRA. Coaches Education Clinic/ USSS Level 100

NYSSRA will offer two aspects of clinics on November 27-28.


Level 100 Certification:


Coaches needing to take the on snow assessment portion of the Level 100 must contact Aaron Dewey [email protected] immediately no later than 11/12/21 (you must have completed the on line segment of the level 100 before you can schedule the on snow assessment) this will be limited to 20 participants. Saturday 11/27 review and prep Sunday 11/28 scored assessment.


Cost of this portion through US Ski and Snowboard Sport Education


NYSSRA Coaches Continued Education:


Coaches interested in expanding their education base and in need of USSS credit will be able to attend and work with Level 300-500 coaches to delve into two days of on snow presentations broken into three modules:


-Key Fundamentals/ Assessment

News for Officials and Clinics - dates for exams and clinics/ updates

Coaches and Officials: The following are dates and times of clinics / exams being offered for fall 2021. NYSSRA is following guidelines set by US Ski & Snowboard, so please read instructions carefully and be aware of requirements. 

Registration for these events will open on adminskiracing the morning of Wednesday October 20th.  

For questions please email: Steve Mergenthaler ([email protected]) or Alicia Farone ([email protected])


Virtual :

USSA Club Excellence Fall Summit Webinar Series

USSA is excited to announce we are bringing back our Club Excellence Fall Summit Webinar Series!

(for coaches, administrators, parents, and volunteers)

Please join us for our four-part Club Excellence Fall Summit Webinar Series - Every Wednesday in October 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM MDT


Each of these four sessions will provide content for coaches, administrators, parents, and volunteers to further their understanding of best principles and practices that are the foundation of a culture of continued improvement. Prior to each session, there will be an opportunity to consider your current level of knowledge; following each session you will ask and discuss questions, and reflect on what you have learned. We look forward to your engagement!

NYSSRA Junior Equipment Update

Please join us on September 13 at 7:00 PM for a discussion on Junior Equipment. 

On board to help with this meeting are Gary and Drew Higley of Sports Page, Queensbury NY, and Miguel Azcarate of Mud Sweat’n Gears, Ellicottville, NY.
Sports Page is the NYSSRA sponsor for our U16/18+ race series races, and Mud Sweat’n Gears is the NYSSRA sponsor for our U14 series races. Thanks to them for their continued support!

As the season approaches I get many questions on sizing and types of equipment juniors should be looking at and we'll try to answer some of those questions. 

We will discuss the importance of the Coach-Athlete-Shop partnership in selection of the right equipment for the athlete, and offer information of the new changes or updates regarding equipment available for the upcoming 2021-2022 season.