NYSSRA Fundamental Projects December 2022

NYSSRA completed another super fun positive early season fundamentals projects focused on mileage and base skills. December 1-4 captured a group of U14 and U16 athletes at two locations. The U16 project was based in Lake Placid out of the OTC and Whiteface Mountain, the U14 group based out North Hudson at the Garnet Hill Lodge and Gore Mountain. Three days of a ton of mileage and a focus of getting hips over the feet was approached in a few different ways but centered around this position and balance on skis. The U12 athletes were at Gore December 3-4 and were on the same wavelength for mileage and focus. All Coaches agreed that although athletes were experiencing early season snow surfaces with a day of mother natures idea of clear snow from the skies, athletes and coaches thrived in these environments and had solid results in early season development. Athlete to Coach ratio was kept at 5:1

NYSSRA Wants to thank the coaches that made this happen!


      Aaron Dewey- NYSSRA    Caitlin Croft- Holimont    Peter Feckenstein- Labrador    David Temes- Labrador and Man of the hour!

U14 Fundamentals Camp Information/Schedule/School letter

NYSSRA U14 Fundamentals Camp Gore Mt / Garnet Hill Lodge Dec. 1-4, 2022

School letter

Camp Objective: To gain early on-snow mileage through directed free skiing and fundamental skiing drills. Emphasis will be placed on team building, education, and camaraderie. The coaching staff will be comprised of age appropriate NYSSRA coaches and invited guest coaches. 

Cost: $675.00This includes breakfast and dinner, lodging, lift tickets, coaching, activities, and transportation for the camp.
$575.00 for those with Gore Season Pass 

*This does not include lunch or incidental spending money. 

Registration: Registration is first come-first served until we have filled to the maximum number of athletes that we can accommodate. Register on Adminskiracing.com Be sure to select with lift tickets or for those with Gore passes, without lift tickets. 

Carving arc stall


On a groomed intermediate slope, skis point down hill athlete takes off and arcs turn to completely face uphill till skis stall, as gravity takes over athlete starts to move backwards and then arcs out backwards across hill.

This challenge has dynamic balance, edging, pressure, and weight transfer blended in a progressive movement pattern. This challenge needs some room on crossing slope, so timing and awareness is a high priority.



GS or SL skis (easier to start on SL skis)

Look for:

CoM- balanced  athletic position 

Feet hip width apart

Lateral rolling of ankles and knees to create edge angles

Weight mostly on outside ski while carving turn to uphill stall

Creating and managing pressure through flexion and extension of ankles, knees, and hips

At stalled moment transfer of weight, and edging progressively increases to new carving ski as athlete starts moving backwards returning to a traverse.

2/1/22 Skate To Shape

Challenge - Skate to Shape

Equipment - SL or GS skis

Execution - On moderate groomed terrain have athletes start to skate straight down

the hill (fall-line).

COM moves forward and laterally between skis as they skate. As speed  develops the skis will start to react to the side cut. Athletes will start to have shape and go with the flow, as more shape is created the

movement is morphed into a medium radius turn

Feel - - Hips moving forward and laterally between skis with each skate

-Keep ankles and joints flexed

-Fluid motion of skate to skate

-Feel ski sidecut start to react with snow and speed

-Go with the flow and develop shape with ski and motion of skate

-Blend into parallel medium radius turn

Look for - -Extension of leg to skate to a flexed leg to initiate next skate

-100% weight transferred to new ski

NYSSRA Junior Equipment Update

Please join us on September 13 at 7:00 PM for a discussion on Junior Equipment. 

On board to help with this meeting are Gary and Drew Higley of Sports Page, Queensbury NY, and Miguel Azcarate of Mud Sweat’n Gears, Ellicottville, NY.
Sports Page is the NYSSRA sponsor for our U16/18+ race series races, and Mud Sweat’n Gears is the NYSSRA sponsor for our U14 series races. Thanks to them for their continued support!

As the season approaches I get many questions on sizing and types of equipment juniors should be looking at and we'll try to answer some of those questions. 

We will discuss the importance of the Coach-Athlete-Shop partnership in selection of the right equipment for the athlete, and offer information of the new changes or updates regarding equipment available for the upcoming 2021-2022 season. 

Warm Up

Forward/backward leg swings 10 R/L

Inward/Outward leg swings 10 R/L

Knee hugs 10 R/L

Ankle cradles 10 R/L

Toe Touches 10 R/L

Forward Hip internal rotation 10 R/L

Backward Hip external rotation 10 R/L

Lunge twist to lead leg 10 R/L

Lateral Lunge 10 R/L

Mini band side/side walk 10 R/L

Mini band forward/backward 10 R/L

Mini band forward/backward low walk (monster walk) 10 R/L

Skipping 10 R/L

Carioca 10 R/L

Jackknife crawls 6x (push up position, walk feet up to hands, walk hands out to new position, repeat)

Spiderman Crawls 20x