U12 and younger

Message from NYSSRA president, Brad Rauch

Dear NYSSRA Members, 

As the days grow shorter we traditionally begin to turn our minds to the next season of ski racing across the state.  I’m sure this year many are just wondering how and who will be educating our children.   But as we think about skiing the equipment comes out of storage and we size up our athletes to see who has grown and who can get one more year out last years “stuff”.   

With the onset of COVID -19 that cut our season short last year, the NYSSRA Board has been busy throughout the summer with the appointment of a new Alpine Sports Director, Steve Mergenthaler,  a new Administrative Director, Alicia Farone, a new website (check out NYSSRA.org ) and continual work from our various committees (development, coaches and COVID-19) drafting plans, (A, B and C) that will help lay out what will no doubt be a different kind of ski racing season across New York State.