Coaches and Officials: The following are dates and times of clinics / exams being offered for fall 2021. NYSSRA is following guidelines set by US Ski & Snowboard, so please read instructions carefully and be aware of requirements. 

Registration for these events will open on adminskiracing the morning of Wednesday October 20th.  

For questions please email: Steve Mergenthaler ([email protected]) or Alicia Farone ([email protected])

Virtual :


Coat $8.00


11/9 7:00 PM Bi-Annual update


11/14 9:30 AM TD Workshop annual 


11/17 7:00 PM Bi-Annual update


In person Clinics/Exams only:   (Registration opens 10/20/21), Cut off for registration 11/3/21)


In person clinics:

Clinic and exam for Ref/JA (T&C clinic will be offered if needed)

All other preparation materials for certifications is provided Online

USSS Study Guide 

Masks and social distancing in Clinic is required

Clinics will be capped for size 

Clinics may be added if necessary


Proof of Vaccination: Photocopy or orig. needed on day of clinic


Cost $30.00 w/lunch


11/6 9:30 Am Winter4Kids Bill/Schone TD/Ref/JA/CR/CC/RA/TC


11/6 9:30 AM Whiteface Royce TD/Ref/JA/CR/CC/RA/TC


11/7 9:30 AM Windham Bill/Royce TD/Ref/JA/CR/CC/RA/TC


11/13 9:30 AM Song Bill TD/Ref/JA/CR/CC/RA/TC


11/TBA 9:30 AM Rochester Jeff/Bruce TD/Ref/JA/CR/CC/RA/TC


11/13 9:30 AM Holimont Steve/Marty TD/Ref/JA/CR/CC/RA/TC



There are no challenges for this age group.


There is no nutritional for this age group.


There are no standings for this age group.


There is no conditioning for this age group.


There are no documents for this age group.

Mental Preparation

There is no mental preparation for this age group.