Message from the Alpine Sports Director

Greetings all! This has been an interesting last 6 months to say the least! NYSSRA Staff, BOD, and all Committees have been working together to address and plan for the upcoming season.

Hope all have had a chance to look at the new website; this is still a work in progress. Much is in the plans for this over the next few months but currently its effectiveness for communication to the entire NYSSRA family covering updates, current COVID information, education, club information, soon-to-be posted schedules and projects along with other membership, and coach spotlights- are a few of the areas to be developed with more depth shortly.

I would like to take this opportunity to go over a few NYSSRA projects on the planning table:

-Covid Response Team

-Competition schedule


-Coaches Education


COVID Response Team

Over the Summer NYSSRA put together a COVID-Team to work through planning and procedures for working with area mountains and clubs. Safety, social distancing, registration for events, numbers at events, TCM, bibs, start area set-up, planning more local events rather than travel-type events, riding the lift, using the lodge or no lodge, nutrition for ski days, schedule, weather, finish area design, and spectator attendance, are a few areas we are looking at.

NYSSRA Staff has participated in weekly Board zoom calls with the  National Ski Areas Association, Ski Areas of New York Association (SANY), US Ski and Snowboard (USSS), Eastern US Ski and Snowboard, and other state governing bodies that are taking on ski racing.  

Our own Covid-Team consists of private and public run Ski Area Managers, Coaches, Program Directors, Committee Chairs, BOD Members, Dr. Steven Thomas, Infectious Disease Director for Upstate Medical Center. To date, we are moving ahead with a plan that conforms to local, regional, national, and ski area management, regarding guidance for alpine skiing in the COVID landscape. NYSSRA will be adding a Tab to the website menu for information updates and protocols in the near future.


Competition Schedule

With the directive that came out Sept.1 from US Ski and Snowboard, the U14/12 and U16/19

Committees are in the process of revisiting the 2020-2021 race schedules and dates, making sure we can provide the best development, project,  and competitive schedule for the athletes and clubs in our state. 



We are in the process of setting up early season fundamental projects as we have had December in the past. This year, in lieu of COVID, these will be scheduled locally across the state. This is to keep athletes local for limited travel and housing arrangements. U12-U14-U16/19 locations and dates will be updated by the end of October, if not sooner. Registration will be posted on Adminski, as in the past. If limited number of athletes at local sites become a reality, it will be on a first-come first serve basis (like last year). These updates will be posted on the website and also emailed to current NYSSRA members. Please make sure all your registrations are up to date (US Ski and Snowboard, NYSSRA, and Safe Sport where applicable) as last year this was an issue for those trying to participate in these projects. 

Weeknight projects for athletes and Coaches Education across the State will continue this year with more locations and dates added. The schedule for these will be updated by December 15. These again will be posted on the website calendar and emailed to membership at a later date.


Coaches Education

NYSSRA will host a virtual coaches education seminar October 3, 2020. Schedule, registration, national presenters, and content will go out in the next few days.

NYSSRA will also host an on-snow (COVID willing) Coaches Education Clinic at Gore Mountain, November 21-22, 2020. Again, look for schedule, presentors, content, and registration on October 15, 2020.

USSS Coaches Education is in the process of evaluating on-snow level 100-200 clinics. As of today they are on hold with the possibility of no on-snow availability at that point possibly virtual.

Please stay tuned to the new website as this will be a much easier and informative vehicle for NYSSRA Member communication and updates. 


Alpine Sports Director