Coaches Committee

A huge thank you to the NYSSRA Coaches Committee: 

Jeff Jenkins - Chair

Jim Catalano

Marisa La Falce

Sean Donohue

Jeff Walker

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 Stephen Mergenthaler - ASD

The NYSSRA Coaches Committee promotes and supports coaching certifications and continuing education along with sound development principles for the NYSSRA community. The committee’s goal is to serve as a resource for New York state coaches, athletes, and clubs. Coaches Committee members work closely with the Alpine Sports Director and development committees to assist in statewide education through events, education materials, and development projects.

Break down

  • Promote education
  • Athlete development
  • Resource
  • Assist with Projects in State
  • Sit on all development committees


Term of positions

Term for Committee members 3 years. With the ability to extend one term. 

Term for Chair 3 years with ability to rotate back in as a working member

Committee size target to be 5, with a range of 5-7 and a goal of balanced representation across state

Alpine Sports Director 


Committee Criteria 

  •     Coached at least 5 Years
  •     Experience coaching in NYS multiple age groups
  •     USSS Level 200  or PSIA Level 2
  •     Respected by peers in the State


*Coaches Committee members may exercise discretion, on a case by case basis, in evaluating  the above criteria.*