Mud Sweat and Gears

U14 athletes are still on a strong pathway toward skill development. The addition of developing the mindset to compete, integrated with open State Championships as an opportunity for all U14's, reduces the stress of qualifying to qualify to qualify and promotes the focus of skill while tactical development takes center stage. 

U14's will also begin the progression of speed development through Super-G. Accomplished with regional training and progressions with options to race if it fits their schedule and program management. 

Some simple skills for athletes moving up to U16 (Key Performance Markers-KPM)

  • Upper Lower body separation
  • Pressure in the fall-line-SL and Speed development 
  • Strong inside half

All areas of skill development and disciplines are still on tap just some basics to make sure are solid.

A link to Alpine Training Systems is on the Youth Development tab, located on the main page. Please take time to look at this; it will help with the understanding of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).


Dear NYSSRA Members, 

As the days grow shorter we traditionally begin to turn our minds to the next season…

Ideas for the summer to add or think about for season prep

Schedules will be posted by early fall 2020

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