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Ten things that are new
May 2015
Updated: 2015-05-31

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NYS Meeting Minutes are available here.

• National Development and Educational Summary from Recent USSA Congress in Park City:

New this year, meetings were divided into two sessions.  The first session was focused for National and International Development.  The second session was focused for Regional and Divisional issues focusing all the way down to the grass roots.  This was a very effective format and allowed for appropriate time and group discussion on motions.

Motion #1 - To compete in International FIS races a FIS age athlete is required to have a minimum of 120.00 USSA points in any event at the time of selection.  The current USSA points list available at the time of selection will be used.

Motion Passed: 7/0 1 abstain

  Motion#2 - Point Profile Requirement to Access Canadian FIS races. 


In order to enter FIS events in Canada, USA competitors must be registered to appear on the FIS points lists and have 120.00 USSA points or better in any discipline; or they must be participating in a nationally or regionally-approved development activity. (will use quotas proposal)

ASC Amended to match Quotas Selection:

In order to enter FIS events in Canada, USA competitors must be registered to appear on the FIS points list, meet the international USSA point-racing standard (minimum of 120 USSA points) and adhere to National quota procedure and criteria.  The current USSA points list at the time of selections will be used.

Amendment Passed: 6/2

  • Creating standards to move from one level up to the next is important
  • Staff feels there are too many requests for exemptions on all rules, therefore in favor of de-regulation
  • Why differentiate between competing in USA and Canada?
  • We need to continue to bolster USSA competitions

Motion #3 - Southern Hemisphere racing access for first year FIS athletes.


First year age eligible FIS athletes are allowed to start in all FIS races (southern or northern hemisphere) as long as they have 120 USSA points in any discipline on the current point list at the time of ranking.   Beginning 2016 competition year.

ASC Amended:

First year age eligible FIS athletes are allowed to start in Southern Hemisphere races as long as they meet the international USSA point-racing standard (minimum of 120 USSA points). 

Amendment Passed: 7/1

  • Basic level of competitiveness should be established before moving to international competition.

Motion #4 – Start limitation for 1st Year FIS athletes 

Motion Failed: 2/6

  • Much discussion on options to exclude World Juniors or National Championships
  • We need to look at ways to contain costs for these athletes and better manage athletes

  Motion #5 - USA participation in FIS international children’s competitions

Amended:The USSA may be field teams of U16 athletes to compete in FIS International Children’s competitions through approved regional and national projects. 

Amendment Passed: Unanimous

  • It is critical to have an international benchmark
  • Currently we have Austria trip for U16’s
  • Questioned if this fit with LTAD or not and it does
  • Selection to these events need to come from current competitions and not adding more layers of qualification

Motion #6 - To create a working group to advise and support the USSA Sport Education Department to deliver educational programs, resources and certification pathways in an American system built around long-term athlete development and sustainable athletic excellence. The group will specifically review and make recommendations on current and future curriculum and certification systems, represent regional and industry challenges and concerns with such systems, and communicate any actions and opportunities to their constituents.

Motion Passed: Unanimous

   Motion #7 - U14 Quota to U16 National Championships 

Motion Failed: 4/5

  • This competition is as much for experience as competition
  • RC #4/5 athletes performed well and deserved to be there

  Motion #8To continue testing ability-matched racing, and would like to expand upon the concept.

Motion Passed: Unanimous

  • New faces on the podium
  • Athletes motivated and performing better under this format
  • Goal is to experiment with format for another year and then work to standardize the format across regions

Motion #9 – To replaces the existing two year U18 Age Classification (16 and 17 year olds) with a three year U19 Age Classification (16, 17, and 18 year olds) and, that the U18 National becomes the U19 Nationals.

Motion Passed: 8/1

  • Current system favors the early maturing athletes and the early birthday months
  • Possibility to retain athletes for 3rd year of FIS racing.  U21 is where we are seeing the largest drop off in membership
  • 18 year old high school seniors now have track to National Championship
  • 16 year old athlete now has time to develop during very difficult junior year of high school (demanding academics, SAT testing, college application)
  • Current perception that after U18 age group the only track is to chase points for rankings
  • This will require quota adjustment, but no one is in favor of expanding quotas to championship
  • Potential exists for more competitive events
  • Potential exist for 16 year old athletes to compete in more USSA competitions
  • Potential exist that top U19’s would not attend event
  • If top athletes are on NA or World Junior track, they may not attend

Note: there was an amendment proposed to make the age change for men only and keep the women age grouping the same.  This brought on good discussion but the motion was failed.  The same issues still exist for women, just not for the high level performers.

Motion #10Continue to allow concurrent FIS.USSA speed event in each region. The vertical drop and the course set would be the same for both events. The top five athletes in the points would be the same for both events, however they would not be required to race the course twice.

Motion Passed: Unanimous

  • Speed only competitions for this format
  • No issues from USSA to score this format
  • 2 races per region is doable

Motion #11 – To adjust the children’s course setting matrix per Western Regions proposal to the matrix.

Motion tabled for further work by regional and national staff.  Goal is to have new proposal for end of summer and will require ASC approval before going to print.

  • There are many positive edits to the proposal
  • Proposal removes unneeded wording
  • Proposal adds U10/12 SG guidelines and it is questioned if this is appropriate.

Equipment matrix that was approved by ASC Exec was distributed, without discussion.

Committee Membership:

  • Past Chair: Dave Galusha, is no longer active, seat will remain open
  • Athlete Rep – Gina Gassman will be replaced with Jessica Kelly

• Congratulations to Tricia Mangan: Patricia Mangan, Derby, NY, 3/7/97 (National Training Group; Holimont Race Team) 

PARK CITY, Utah – The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association named a group of 16 elite athletes to compete at the 2015 FIS Alpine Junior World Ski Championships scheduled for March 7-13 at Hafjell, Norway. Tricia was a member of this highly competitive group of athletes. Congratulations Tricia for your considerable accomplishments this year.

We're also proud of our athletes who represented the East and NYSSRA at U18 National Championships - At U18 National Championships Tricia ranked: DH - 6th, GS - 6th 

Congratulations to Cecily Decker: At U18 National Championships she ranked: DH - 8th, SG - 3rd and GS - 7th

Congratulations to Jake Hopfinger: A U18 National Championships he ranked: DH (2) - 36th and 25th, SG - 18th and SL 40th

Beatrix Lever - Former NYSSRA racer and now with Team Canada - Beatrix's dad shared - Beatrix won FIS National Title in SG at Canadian U18 Championships and was 2nd overall with a 5th in GS and 7th in SL. At Okemo FIS Eastern Finals - 4th and 5th in SG

(added Jan 6)  U18s Racing in U16 Cup Races - NYSSRA U18s are allowed to race in scored U16 cup races in 2015.  However, no U16 can be displaced from a race.  If a race becomes full, preference must go to the U16 athlete.  U18s will race under U16 rules, including the random seeding procedures established in the U16 section of the NYSSRA manual.  U18s will be awarded appropriately and taken out of results for qualification purposes.  NYS U16 State Championships are available ONLY to U16 athletes.

• NYSSRA Racer Support Policy for 2015

  1. An amount reserved for applicants for support for athletes (to be used primarily for National events, can be used for U18,16,14, request must be in writing to Racer Committee for determination)
  2. NYSSRA Team: Up to $300 for each team member, of which a max of $150 can be for out of state use.
  3. Top M/F entry paid for championship
U18 FIS Champs
U16 Eastern Champs
U14 Eastern Champs

In order to receive money the athlete/parent must submit a request to Program Director that includes name, address, races attended and receipt of race fees. This will be done on an annual basis and submitted prior to April 20th.  Once received, it will be verified and submitted to Treasurer for payment directly to the athlete/parent.

• UVEX Helmets - If you have or are looking to purchase a UVEX helmet, please read this piece sent by Paul Van Slyke

• USSA Membership Pricing (2015-2016 season) under construction

General Member All Ages USCSA/High School/Club Participant-Not eligible to compete in USSA $15
Competitor U10 & under        9 & under $25
Competitor U12                    10 & 11 $50
Competitor U14                    12 & 13 $75
Competitor U16 & over          14 & over (required for FIS registration) $150
Masters                               18 & over $90
Coach                                  15 & over $135
Official                                 15 & over $60
Club Volunteer                      15 & over $45
Short Term Youth Athlete member 11 & under $15/day
Short Term Athlete member          12 & over $25/day
Short Term Masters member          18 & over $15/day


• For RA's - Race Fees for '16 Season - If you are holding a race during the '15-'16 season this information is for you. 

  • USSA Scored - $10/start/race
  • USSA East Scored  - $5/start/race
  • NYSSRA Unscored - $4/start/race
  • NYSSRA Scored - $4/start/race
  • Kandahars - $4/start/race

NYSSRA Boot Fitting Project from Hope Alive Media on Vimeo.
Please watch NYSSRA’s junior boot fitting video before you head to the ski shop for new or used junior ski racing boots!
FINALLY, learn about the best boot fitting process for your racer.

Kathy O - Getting it done - We’re proud of Kathy!
Kathy O - Getting it done - We’re proud of Kathy!