U12 and Younger

 U12 and under athletes are the core of NYSSRA development; the age where exploration and acquisition for skill is a primary goal. The journey starts here for the foundational skills that will support all growth to build on: all mountain skiing, directed all mountain skiing, skill challenges, terrain based teaching, duals, skier X, and sectional environments, are all part of the palette that combine to create a fun, progressive, educational platform.

Athleticism, adaptation, and attitude are the blueprint for alpine success. US Ski and Snowboard has a statement on development, which is linked/posted (Alpine Training System) to the youth development tab on this site.  A link to Alpine Training Systems is on the Youth Development tab, located on the main page. Please take time to look at this; it will help with the understanding of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD).

Simple goals for athletes moving up to U14 (Key Performance Markers-KPM):

Basic position 

  • Boots that fit properly and flex for athletes weight
  • Solid dynamic stance- Flexed ankle, knee, hip, a rounded spine, hands and elbows in front of torso, eyes up and forward
  • Lower leg activation, fore-aft, laterally, extension/ flexion, rotational.
  • Long leg short leg

Pole usage

These are just some simple skills that we can challenge the athletes to attain. Development in all areas of the sport is still a priority and a few performance markers can help with overall picture.


2021 Kandahar & End of Season U12 Events 

  • NYSSRA will keep 3 regional Kandahar Festival events (East/Central/West) as proposed and passed at the 2020 Spring Development Meeting.
  • Kandahar Festivals will be a 2 day event (weekend in March TBD) 
  • 1 day of all mountain events incorporating terrain, untimed duals, scavenger hunt, skills, etc.
  • 1 day Kombi race (2 runs)

Kandahar Festivals will be open to U10/U12 & any U14 NYSSRA athletes who decide not to participate in U14 State Championships.

Following Kandahar Festivals, NYSSRA will host 2 state-wide events for our U12 athletes, the goal would be that these events are held the same weekend and within the same region, to ease the burden on coaching staff and decrease travel over multiple weekends at the end of the season. As well, it will help to encourage team cohesion and potentially make it possible for a large banquet/BBQ to include all attendees from both events.

  1. Future Stars for 1st year U12s - festival feel with lots of skiing and fun events (not a race)
  2. Tall Pole SL Progression Camp for 2nd year U12s

These 2 events will be open to all U12 athletes who participated in a Kandahar Festival, with the same discretionary process in place for other NYSSRA events. 

It is suggested to schedule 1 weekend between Kandahar Festivals and Future Stars/SL Camp weekends 


Dear NYSSRA Members, 

As the days grow shorter we traditionally begin to turn our minds to the next season…

Schedules will be posted by early fall 2020

Stay Tuned for the Challenge of the week!!

Over the course of the next few weeks we will have information posted here that is helpful to all u12 and under…

Racer Spotlight

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