NYSSRA Coach of the year 2022 Martin Biedermann

There are many great coaches in the NYSSRA fold, but want to take a minute to honor Martin Biedermann our NYSSRA Coach of the year for 2021-2022 season.

Martin has been coaching in NYSSRA clubs for over 30 years, to name a few of the programs Highmount 1983-1989, Belleayre 1990-1999, Windham 2000-2022, presently at Hunter Mountain. Martin shows the qualities that a NYSSRA coach should aspire too. His attention to detail, constant effort and commitment to his athletes, parents of athletes, and peers is unparalleled. Martin is a student of the sport always looking to understand new ideas or current thinking to help his athletes make gains. Martin is alway first on the hill and last off, willing to help with whatever task is needed to create the training or event he is attending. Martin is an asset to any program; his leadership, humble attitude, and influence with the Hunter program is already evident this season. Thank you Martin for the unselfish and dedicated effort in all you do, NYSSRA congratulates you!

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