U14 States Selection and Location/Dates

Eastern U14 Championships - Sugarbush, VT, March 19-22nd, 2022

The Mud, Sweat n’ Gears New York State Team will be named at the conclusion of racing at the NY State Championships. Selection is based on best 3 of 7 possible results for GS & SL plus SG using simple place points. Ties are broken by using the best result followed by the next best result until the tie is broken. If a tie still exists, it will be broken using the athlete’s best Race Points. NYS Team Selection Rule applies: the last two positions are left for discretionary selection.

U14 Regionals: Sugarbush, VT,  March 19-22, 2022

NY Quota: 22

women: 10

men: 12

Eastern U14 Finals - West Mountain, March 26th-March 27th, 2022

The team to represent NY at the U14 Eastern Region Finals at West Moun- tain will be selected using the same list above from State Championships. The next group of athletes will be selected based on the quota received from the eastern region office.

Athletes are encouraged to participate in Skills Assessment events. This is an important part of NYSSRA’s long term development strategy.

We encourage all clubs to promote the importance of Skill Development by including Skills related drills into their training plan. Contact NYSSRA staff for more information and how NYSSRA can help your club.

Kandahar Festivals are still an option for any U14 that chooses not to par- ticipate in U14 States.

** Open event, cap at 150 men, 150 women



U14 Eastern Lottery **see update below with new dates

One new thing this spring is the addition of a small lottery quota to the U14 Eastern Championships. Any U14 who does not qualify through their Division’s quota may put their name into this hat, and on March 12 we will draw names. As approved by the Eastern Children’s Committee:

  • For 2022, there will be 20 spots available by lottery for the U14 Eastern Championships. These spots are open to any Eastern U14 athlete who has not qualified for the Eastern Championships through their Divisional quota. 
  • Athletes must register for the lottery on SkiReg.com by 5:00 PM on March 11, 2022( date changed see below). Boys and girls spots will be drawn proportionately to the number of athletes registered in each gender, for a total of 20 athletes. These athletes will be run as an extra/final seed in each race.

There are a couple of stipulations:

  • You have to communicate with your child's coach, and they have to be willing to support these kids at the event. Do not enter the lottery without the coach's support.
  • Please think through this clearly and make sure it’s something that your kids will really enjoy versus their other options in this time period: U14 Finals, other March races, training in the sun... There are lots of ways to enjoy this time of year on snow.
  • We are doing this as a one year experiment to try to gauge how much excess demand there is for this event.
  • Registration for this category will close at 5:00 PM on March 11, and lottery results will be available on March 12.

All registration and info is herehttps://www.skireg.com/u14easternchamps

** closing lottery registration date is now changed to 6:00pm on March 14th.