Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! From NYSSRA

As we start another season we all look to a great experience of playing with gravity and the passion for speed! The most amazing part of growing up as an alpine athlete in NYSSRA is the ability to defy the odds, undeniable passion, adaptability, focus, and perseverance just a few of the qualities this sport defines. Talking with so many athletes as they have grown in age, have careers, have families, grow as individuals is the reflection of what this sport of alpine ski racing has prepared them for! 

NYSSRA wants to thank Athletes, Parents, Programs, Coaches, Sponsors, Support membership, Board of Directors (BOD), all Committees, and our Administrative Director that drive the the NYSSRA family. This past year and a half has been a challenge to say the least, COVID (still), variable weather (still), NYSSRA transition and journey that has evolved (not discounting growing pains) and continues to evolve with a deeper understanding of all the components of this organization:

This organization comprised of Athletes (first)- Parents- All membership- Programs- Coaches- Sponsors- BOD- all Committees- Administrative Director all work togeather to complete a complex matrix that is driven to create an environment of development, education, partnership, and community. A fairly daunting task! And if the past year and a half of challenges is a litmus test, we are the road to building a solid program platform.

As Alpine Sports Director for this amazing developing organization I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a super awesome New Year! Get after it!