Seasons Greetings from NYSSRA!

The NYSSRA family wishes all a great holidays and a spectacular new year!

In spite of the many challenges this year, the NYSSRA community has persevered and excelled. We have had great feedback on our coaches/ membership Zoom meetings and will continue these through the season. Sessions covered nutrition, mental strengths, and a variety of best practices for coaches and athletes. Presenters: Dot Pepper, Devon Delaney, Barbara Cochran, Finn Gundersen, Sasha Rearick, Kathy Okeniewski provided excellent programs with good interaction from participants. Schedule for the winter season will be out shortly.

Although COVID seems to be rearing its ugly head again, we have the systems in place to achieve a solid season in all areas of development and competition.

Our NYSSRA officials committee led by Bill Dewey has worked hard scheduling and delivering fall updates and certification clinics. Certified positions are gaining traction in programs across the state, but still needs growth.Please ask your club if you would like to get involved.

NYSSRA fundamentals projects- Eastern December 2-5, and Western December 11-12 were back in action this year. U16/18 athletes were held at Whiteface Mountain, U14 Athletes were at Gore, Eastern U12 athletes at Gore and Western U12 athletes at Holiday Valley. The focus of all these projects was mileage, fundamental skills, and interaction with a variety of coaches and participants from different programs.  The weather cooperated and the content and experience in all projects was received well. Special thank you to Northwood School for helping with transportation, indoor sessions, and Friday night dinner with our U16/18 group.

A big THANK YOU to coaches who made this experience happen:

U16/18 project- Andy Minier, Aaron Dewey, Tyler Travis, Caitlin Croft, James Rauch

U14 project- Ed Gudlauski, Jessica Anthony, Nicole Cosgrove, Martin 'Mustang' Biedermann

U12 project Gore- Ion Puspurica, Molly Convery, Scott Singer, Jim Tomassetti

U12 project Holiday Valley- Amy Brown, Marisa LaFalce

NYSSRA will be scheduling Coaches Level 100 clinics and will have this schedule out first week in January 2022.

NYSSRA Weeknight skill development for age groups will also be coming to regions across the state in January and February of 2022. U16 and U14 athletes will focus on SL skill development and FUN! U12 athletes will focus on athleticisim, adaptation, and FUN!

We at NYSSRA want to thank all Parents, Programs, Coaches, Athletes, Sponsors, and Support Members for all the hard work and passion that make this sport an incredible experience! It takes a village!

Have a great season! See you on the snow!


Stephen Mergenthaler (Mergs)                                                                                                        NYSSRA Alpine Sports Director