FIS info from Sam Damon, Eastern Regional Director

Greetings Eastern FIS community!

This is an important email – please read it carefully, and please communicate this information to your athletes, teammates, kids, etc.

  1. Make sure you have your Divisional membership in order. We are just a week or so away from opening our first FIS registrations of the year. If you don’t have your Divisional membership, you’ll find it’s nearly impossible to get into races – especially Divisional FIS – because you won’t appear on your Division’s ranking list. I cannot stress this enough – get your memberships dialed in NOW.
  2. Make sure your USSS membership is “green lights.” If there are anything but green checkmarks next to your name in member lookup, it means your membership is not current and you will not be allowed to start. Even more concerning, it means you are not on the points list until your membership issues are resolved, which means you can’t event be selected until you get your SafeSport, background screen, avalanche training, etc. in order. I cannot stress this enough – get your memberships dialed in NOW.
  3. The process for entering FIS races in the East remains the same. There is a rundown on this process on page 12 of the Eastern Handbook. Selection methods for the different series are also listed in that section of the Handbook.
  4. Fluorinated wax is banned. Yes, I know, there’s no method for enforcement. There aren’t great methods for enforcement on equipment regulations or PEDs either, but we follow those rules because cheating at sports, especially youth sports, is lame. Using fluorinated wax is cheating – don’t do it.
  5. FIS TD shortage may continue to impact our scheduleWe have more access to TDs this year as Covid regulations have changed, but some of the leniency with the use of local TDs (not normally allowed) has also gone by the wayside. Our coordinators and volunteer TD’s are working to get our events covered, but it’s entirely possible that we’ll have events that we can’t get covered. Keep your fingers crossed, and remember to thank your local race officials!

That’s the FIS-specific information for now. We’ll have a more general regional update shortly, but in the meantime PLEASE attend to items #1 and #2.

Sam Damon
Eastern Regional Director
U.S. Ski & Snowboard
E: sam.[email protected]