NYSSRA Updates and Welcome to New Members!

To Become a NYSSRA Competitor or Coach: 

  1. Join US Ski & Snowboard (http://usskiandsnowboard.org)
  2. Join NYSSRA (www.nyssra.org
  3. Register for races (adminskiracing.com


Race Entries

All race entries must be completed on adminskiracing.com. A full race listing will be posted on nyssra.org by early fall and races will be posted by Race Administrators from the race venue directly onto adminskiracing.com shortly thereafter. 


All athletes are required to ski and race on skis that meet the current USSA equipment requirements. All USSA equipment rules apply.  

US Ski & Snowboard Membership

Amateur racing in the United States is governed by United States Ski and Snowboard. Any skier competing in USSA/ NYSSRA sanctioned races must first become a member of USSA. This membership is renewable each year. A USSA membership number is assigned to each competitor and is retained as long as that membership is renewed annually. This number is used on every race entry form and registration. Athletes turning 18 during the ski season will be required to complete Safesport training as they register. 


When a competitor has joined US Ski & Snowboard they are included in the Computerized Competitor Classification System and results will appear on the Points Seeding List which is maintained to show racers’ national rank in Slalom, Giant Slalom, and Super G. US Ski & Snowboard Competition Guides and Directory are posted online to view and download. 


NYSSRA Membership

After an athlete has joined USSA and received a US Ski & Snowboard number, that same number is used to register on the NYSSRA (New York State Ski Racing Association Alpine, Inc) website (www.nyssra.org). NYSSRA is the official governing body for competition in the State of New York for the US Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA). All athletes wishing to compete in New York ski races must be members of NYSSRA. All Eastern Alpine athletes must be a member of only one state racing organization. 


NYSSRA is responsible for the following: 


  • Scheduling of races in New York State through development committees
  • Selection of teams using resul membership data to fill state quotas to regional races
  • Assignment of officials to races through direction of Officials Committee
  • Communication, education, and development  for racers, officials, and coaches
  • Financial support - racer support fund for NYSSRA racers competing at upper levels of competition
  • Athletic programming, youth development and divisional governance through our board of directors, development committees, Alpine Sports Director, and Administrative Director.


The NYSSRA structure creates the committee organization that separates the interests of NYSSRA into focus groups to concentrate on specific interests. The committees are empowered by the Board of Directors, which runs the business of NYSSRA. All committee members must be current NYSSRA members. The active governance/ committees of NYSSRA are:


  • Board of Directors - total program organization
  • Coaches Committee - Coaches Education and Policies
  • Officials Committee - Implement Officials program
  • U16+ Development Committee - Policy / Team Selection Process / Development
  • Children’s Committee (U14 and under)- Policy / Team Selection Process Development
  • Awards Committee - Annual Awards Selections
  • Appeals/ Review Committee- Race Related appeals, misc.
  • Racer Support Committee - Allocate Funds to athletes

Committee member lists can be found on our website at www.nyssra.org



U14 and younger racers are guided by NYSSRA’s Children’s Committee and sponsored by Mud, Sweat ’n Gears, Ellicottville, NY (MSG Series). During the 2021-2022 season U14 states will be open with no qualifications required. Again this year, the goal is to keep younger racers closer to home at the start of the season, similar to the plan used for the 2021 season. This enables families to travel less, focus on races nearby without an overnight stay, and this also puts less pressure on our younger athletes. 

U12s will stay within their council and be near their home mountain until the last weeks of the season. At that time NYSSRA will host our Kandahar Festival, which is an open season finale event for all athletes in this age group. The end of the season wraps up with NYSSRA’s 

Future Stars Weekend, in which first year U12’s and second year U12s are separated for work on skills and development, and Slalom training, respectively. 

U14s will start their season with a Flight Camp in early January and progress to a Council Panel Slalom and GS weekend. (*Two days of flight / speed training will be required before States in February) In February, NYSSRA is planning an exciting weekend of State SuperG training and racing, followed by a few subsequent weekends comprised of technical racing. Mid-march will end the U14 season with States Technical (SL/GS) Championships, open to all athletes. Selection procedure for regional championships will be announced shortly. 


The NYSSRA Development Committee oversees racing and policy decisions at the U16/18+ level and the race series is sponsored by The Sports Page, in Queensbury, NY. Racing for the 2021-2022 season will start with technical races in mid-December. Early January races will see the first races held closer to home for most athletes after which time  racing will move forward with mostly East/ West scheduling. The final weekend of January will see Super G training/racing, for both East and West divisions. Between then and States in early March, NYSSRA will fit in Empire Winter Games as well as some technical races and training for this age group. The Sports Page Cup series will continue to be broken out into U16 States and U 18+ States.  The only requirements for the States event is that the athletes must have competed in at least 2 Sports Page Cup Series Races in the Dec-February season. Selection procedure for regional championships will be announced shortly.