Goals define what you want to achieve and give you the motivation to say focused and disciplined

Process vs Outcome- An outcome goal is identifying what you want to accomplish. A process goal is breaking down the steps and efforts you need to get there! Both are important in this journey. .

An outcome goal is a great motivational force. The more crystal clear it is what you want to achieve, the more likely you are to achieve it. An outcome gaol could to be to move up a few places every race, placement in State championships, placement in regional championships, making the US Ski Team.

While outcomes are important, process goals are even more important. A process goal is what you need to be working on consistently in order to achieve you outcome. This could be long leg/Short leg, better starts. Maybe it's better gliding skills, where to tuck and turn. The process focuses on what you need to work on to get better.

Many athletes make the mistake of having only outcome goals. An example of this is to podium in the next GS race. While this is a great goal, there is no 'how'.Process goals give you the 'how' to work on it. Sometimes trying to shortcut the outcome goals can distract you from becoming a great skier with strong technique. Wether or not you achieve your outcome goal there will always be 'wins' on your process goal if you are working hard and staying focused. If you are perfecting your process goals, you are necessarily increasing to reach your desired outcome goal.

Write it down- You should write down your goals and share them with your coach. It has been shown that people that write down their goals are 10X more likely to achieve them. Your coach can also give you feedback on what it will take to achieve your goals and help you create a plan to get there!


Something to think about with Goal setting

(S) Simple

(C) Challenging

(R) Realistic

(A) Attainable

(M) Mesurable 



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