Season Update February *see new races listed on U16+ page under NEWS

NYSSRA Staff, BOD, and all Committees have been working tirelessly to adapt and create a responsible, feasible, development and competition schedule for New York State during the 2020-2021 season. The challenges that NYSSRA and all programs have embraced this year within the COVID environment shows the adaptability, tenacity, and leadership that identifies the strength that we have together to not only survive but thrive under adversity.

NYSSRA has held back rewriting the NYSSRA Competition manual for many reasons this season, some, obviously due to COVID, and others as we revisit all aspects moving into the future. Taking this into account we would like to update you on some areas that we will move towards in the remainder of the 2021 season.

NYSSRA has been scheduling and rescheduling events almost weekly. We know at times how frustrating for planning this is, but has been unavoidable due to the COVID landscape in which we find ourselves. NYSSRA has consistently pushed ahead to keep a schedule that is responsible and effective to keep our young athletes and programs focused and healthy.

U S Ski and Snowboard has canceled all post-season regional events for this year. This eliminates the need for any qualification to post-season events. At this point in time U14 second year athletes are not allowed to race for points during the spring of 2021 (this is being brought back to Eastern USSS for consideration).

With the elimination of States due to field size, and limited travel, both U16/19 and U14 end-of-season events have been restructured. Our sponsors, Sports Page U16/19 and Mud Sweat’n Gears U14, have remained committed to supporting an end-of-season event series that will take place in the last two weekends of March 2021. Sports Page Regional Finals for U16/19’s will take place, East and West, the Weekend of March 20-21, and a U14 Mud Sweat’n Gears festival/ finals will take place in RVW, Mountain, Central, Niagara the weekend of March 27-28. Details and location will be announced shortly.

U12 and under events will be up to councils to schedule and locate in March 2021 with discussion from the U14/12 Development Committee.  Any event that is sanctioned will be listed on the NYSSRA website. Non-sanctioned events will only be available on Adminski for viewing.

The U16/19 Committee and the BOD of NYSSRA has elected to name the NYSSRA Elite team (U16 and older) from last years achievements and carry over to the 2021-2022 season. This will be announced in March.

NYSSRA has continued planning to host development projects and coaches education as we move through the next 6 weeks. Updates and information, when available, will be sent out in an email blast as well as listed on our website.

NYSSRA wants to thank all of our membership, sponsors, programs, committees and BOD for the hard work that has transpired and the hard work still to come. We have learned much this season in many areas, and look forward to a progressive and expanded format as we all move forward. Cheers!


Alpine Sports Director 

Stephen Mergenthaler