NYSSRA Draft Calendar

NYSSRA Development Committees and our NYSSRA Staff have built a race schedule that maintains a strong competitive development track while working within the COVID guidelines and protocols now in place for 2020/2021.

This calendar is subject to change.

At this moment, mountains have committed to the following dates and these dates are tentatively set. Please stay updated with website/emails to get current communications regarding any changes, you do this by maintaining an active NYSSRA membership for your racer.

There will be NO registration access until Dec. 1 2020. After that time, you can sign up athletes and detailed information on event-day protocols will be available (health attestations and COVID related requirements will be necessary to compete).

Please be aware that all U14 and U16/19 drafted competition schedules are listed regionally for U16/19, and within Council for U14. 

This is intentional to eliminate the need for extensive travel and to comply within Guidelines for number of participants able to attend competitions.  We are doing our best to ensure we do NOT spread COVID.

US Ski and Snowboard has directed clubs to hold at 100 participants for any given race day.

Guidelines from US Ski and Snowboard, National Ski areas Association, New York State are listed in our COVID tab on website.

Here are links to the events in Calendar format, or list format.