2/1/22 Skate To Shape

Challenge - Skate to Shape

Equipment - SL or GS skis

Execution - On moderate groomed terrain have athletes start to skate straight down

the hill (fall-line).

COM moves forward and laterally between skis as they skate. As speed  develops the skis will start to react to the side cut. Athletes will start to have shape and go with the flow, as more shape is created the

movement is morphed into a medium radius turn

Feel - - Hips moving forward and laterally between skis with each skate

-Keep ankles and joints flexed

-Fluid motion of skate to skate

-Feel ski sidecut start to react with snow and speed

-Go with the flow and develop shape with ski and motion of skate

-Blend into parallel medium radius turn

Look for - -Extension of leg to skate to a flexed leg to initiate next skate

-100% weight transferred to new ski

-Dynamic flexing and edging from the ankle and the knee

-Extension moves the COM forward and laterally not up vertically

-Fluid blending of skate to some shape to medium radius turns

-Flexed ankles and joints to maintain a strong balanced platform

Up the ante - -No poles hands extend in front of torso

-Hands on head

-One pole

-10-12 gate panel set 15-18 meters straight in line to skate into

-Add 6” laterally to above gate set every two runs to challenge shape   

-More challenging terrain