June Membership Meeting: Devin Delaney, Sports Nutrition and Fueling-for-Competition Presentation, June 21, 2021 7:00pm

Greetings from the Staff at NYSSRA!

Hope all have adjusted to the spring-summer like conditions and COVID getting smaller in the rear-view mirror.

NYSSRA will continue to offer Athlete - Coach - Parent presentations once a month throughout the year. These will generally take place in the evening at the beginning of a week. These presentations will cover a wide spectrum of information, delving into Conditioning, Nutrition, Mental game, Skill development, Athlete and Parent experiences. 

We are excited to have Devin Delaney deliver a Nutrition and Fueling-for-Competition presentation. This is a huge component of athlete training! Without the right education and balance in nutrition, athletes cannot perform at their correct ability level.

Devin was a U.S. Alpine Ski Team Member and 4 time NCAA All American. She grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire picking up skiing at the early age of two, eager to chase her brother and sister on slopes. She attended Green Mountain Valley School in Vermont and made the US Ski Team her senior year. After traveling the world and competing professionally for a few years, she attended college and competed for the University of Denver NCAA team, led the team as Captain, helped to win their 22nd National Championship, and earned a B.S. in Business and Hospitality. 

Since competing, Devin’s passion for health, wellness, and the outdoors has led her to continue her education in personal training and nutritional therapy.

Devin is now paving the way for performance nutrition in alpine ski racing. She is currently the High Performance Director of Nutrition at Green Mountain Valley School. Devin works with athletes on and off the hill and sees first hand how caring for your body with proper nutrition, training, recovery and mindset can take your performance in sports, and in life, to the next level. We are excited to welcome her and learn some tips and tricks for fueling our performance and elevating our health. 

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