-Wedge Hops

Challenge - Wedge Hops

Equipment - Any ski, Boots, Ski poles

Execution - Groomed and moderate slope. Start in a wedge position. Aggressively increase the inside edge angle of one ski, hopping off the weighted ski onto the inside edge of the new ski. Keep the inside ski off the snow. The upper body should remain facing in the fall-line. The pole plant/touch to coincide with the edge set of each hop for timing and stability.


  • Balanced stance
  • Strong edging movements
  • Pressure control
  • Leg flexion / extension
  • Independent leg action
  • Accurate pole touch usage
  • Disciplined upper body

Look for

  • Balance maintained with hips over the feet
  • Tip and tail come off the snow at the same height or with tip slightly lower
  • Weight is transferred on to an edged ski
  • Maintain carving with no skidding
  • The inside ski should not touch the snow
  • Good pole plant/touch with each hop

Up the ante 

  • One ski pole
  • No poles
  • Hands on hips ( Thumbs forward, thumbs pointed toward back)
  • Arms across chest in to make an ‘X’
  • Increase pitch of slope
  • Varied terrain