(2/1/2021) - Edge Set & Edge Release w/DH Hop to Edge Set

Challenge - Edge Set & Edge Release with Downhill Hop to Edge Set

Athlete in stopped position perpendicular to the fall line releases edge and slightly hops downhill to an edge set in balance.

Equipment - Can be on GS or SL skis and poles

Execution - Find a moderate pitch with single fall line to start. Athlete is in a stopped position in good body position. In a fluid motion athlete releases edges with a slight hop downhill to a new edge set  in good balance. Challenge needs to be accomplished with athlete facing one way, then facing other so DH ski is right ski for one side and left ski when changing the way they face on the hill.

Cues - Athlete releases edges by rolling ankles and knees in conjunction with a slight hop DH to new edge set.

  • Keep toes pulled up in boot
  • Shins against tongue of boots
  • Hands and elbows in front of torso, uphill Hand has a slight lead and is higher than DH hand
  • Uphill ski slight lead
  • COM (Center of Mass - Belly Button) aimed at Downhill ski tip
  • Skis are in a functional parallel position without changing through entire challenge (generally hip width or so)

Look for - Athlete to have a fluid motion through challenge, absorbing when setting new edge set in good balanced body position.

  • Ask athlete to feel tension in ankle from lifting toes
  • Stay connected to boot tongue with shins
  • Functional stance
  • Functional tension in core still aware of freedom in lower leg movement

Up the Ante - Steeper pitch

  • One pole or no poles
  • Hands on head or crossed on chest
  • Only one ski change fro DH ski on and uphill ski off to visa versa
  • 5 in a row with rhythm then 180 hop switch to 5 in a row with rhythm