Panel SL equipment/ January update


 The 20-21 season has started with an organized and successful block of solid training and a few race events: Brantling (Flight camp and U14/12 Dual Panel SL), Hoilmont (2 SL races U16/19), and Whiteface (2 races SL U16/19). 

Mountain Council and RVW will have their first series of races (panel SL) this Sunday, January 24th. In the western part of the state, Niagara U14s have 2 GS races at Holiday Valley and 2 Panel SL at Holimont this weekend.

 The Development Committee asks that you take into account the requirements for U14 Panel SL equipment for athletes. Below, please find the criteria they have agreed to support and will require moving forward:

  • No chin guards
  • No shin guards
  • Pole guards with closed shield OK, cup style/open top not connected pole top- no go
  • Arm guards accepted but not recommended
  • Mouth guard recommended
  • Panel Gates  72” 27 mm FIS panel

 Ski fast, laugh much!


Champions don’t show up to get everything they want; 

they show up to give everything they have


Stephen Mergenthaler

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